Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy 25th BIRTHDAY!!!~

ok as all of KIM JAE JOONG fansssss know that date 26 of January is Kim Jae Joong Birthday..
n this yaer is his 25th birthday...

i'm soooo curious how so many people fall in love with him...
what's the story behind those love????

i'm just a new cassiopeia...
not really new...just about 6 years ago..
how did i fall for him????

did u'gys remember this pic???

i'm sure many of u remember b'coz how's going to forget about this beautiful boy in Hanbok..right..but that not how i fall for him..

ok...let's straight to the point...
once upon a times, in 2006 like that i don't even know that korean is existence, u know that times i just 12 or 13 years old n i been living with my aunt around 2 years so i don't even know much about outsider so i'm sorry for korean kekeekek...back to boring day, i just don't know what to do n i just watching tv all day long n i remember that i have watch DBSK 'step by step' mv at 8tv i taught that they was japaness b'cos of the song was in japaness..but that times i'm totally fall for that blonde hair guys,u know this guy...

then in 2008 on the Chinese New Year 8tv have show DBSK The King Man's n that's make's me go to cc n find more about him, b'coz the way him try to attract that female actress heart with those rosess n vase n the way him fall from stairs etc,already make me fall for him...

Strat then i'm always buy a chinese megazine just for DBSK poster, i don't care if i can't read chinese i just care about their poster...

i'm also spend an hourssssssssssssssss~~~ to watch n download DBSK video at utube n their pic...
n now i have a thousand++++++++++ of their vid n pic...

oh ya...forget to tell...what i like about him???
ermmm~~~ just take a good look at pic down
cute right!!!!
yeahhhhh~~~~him sooooooo cute...
n him seen so perfect n like angle....
that's what his fntic call him..
for me him just a such a lucky boy that born with such a good looking face..
but yeah.....mby i don't know that just my opinion
like him said "i'm just an ordinary guys"
but it's up to others to think how are him....

n years after years i'm follow all DBSK update until they get some prob with SM, i don't even know much about it but i always get some updates from Kjj fans at fb...
n after that DBSK was split into 2 groups HoMin n JYJ..
JYJ + HoMin = DBSK
if DBSK / 2 = a broken heart of cassiopeia
OMG!!!! i can't even imagine if that happen...
i hope they not!!!!

but u know besides of this situation,
i'm always think who is the SUCH A LUCKY GIRL that going to be his wife???
what age that him going to get married???
is him already have wife-to-be????
is it her is one of his fans like what he said that mby his wife is one of his fans or hehehehehehehe

that's meanssss~~

i have to save some money to go to korean n buy some nice dress to watch his wedding~~

OMG!!!! i can't wait for that day....

* i want to ask him can i be his flower girl~kekekekeek~

anyway oppa 생일축하합니다 사 링 해 요!!!!!

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